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Columbia, MD

Howard County Hospice and Bereavement Recommendations

Hopkins Investment Management has researched the Columbia area for the best Hospice and Bereavement Support services for our clients.  Our recommendations are based on open source research, reviews, ratings, calls, and visits to some locations.


Gilchrist Hospice Care

5537 Twin Knolls Rd, Suite 433
 Columbia, MD 21045

Gilchrist Hospice is a nonprofit hospice organization that has been serving Columbia, Baltimore, and the surrounding counties for over 21 years. Accredited by the Joint Commission – an independent group that presently accredits 20,500 healthcare facilities in the US by performing onsite evaluations – they typically serve almost 600 patients, making them the largest hospice service in Maryland. While Gilchrist most often provides hospice care in the patient’s home, sometimes the illness reaches a level where the pain or symptoms cannot be managed in the home, and a patient may be admitted to one of their inpatient facilities – Gilchrist Center in Towson or the new Gilchrist Center Howard County in Columbia. The Towson location contains 34 beds as well as private rooms, and the newer Columbia inpatient center contains 10 beds – both are nationally recognized for the care they provide their terminally ill patients. These centers serve as an alternative to long-term hospital stays, offering higher comfort and focused quality of care.  In addition, Gilchrist Hospice provides dedicated service to those in assisted living communities and nursing homes – wherever you or your loved one calls home. Gilchrist Hospice Care provides care to all qualified patients regardless of their ability to pay. However, if you qualify, most insurance plans, including Medicare and Medicaid, offer a hospice benefit that provides coverage for home care services, medication, medical equipment and supplies. If considering hospice for yourself or a loved one, we recommend looking into Gilchrist Hospice Care due to their long-standing service and positive reviews given by former employees and family members of loved ones. For more information on the services they provide, please call or visit:

(410) 730-5072

Gilchrist Hospice Care Website

Towson Inpatient Center Reviews

Employee Reviews

Gilchrist Grief Services 

Whether you have lost a spouse, life partner, close friend, parent, child, grandparent or guardian, Gilchrist Hospice can help. They offer a wide range of grief support resources, which are open to their own bereaved clients or anyone in the community who has lost a loved one. The grief services offered include:

Grief Counseling – This is available on a short-term basis for those who prefer an individual approach to dealing with the often overwhelming feelings and physical responses associated with a loss. This is offered free of charge to those who have lost a loved one through Gilchrist Hospice Care and is also open to community members.  Gilchrist Grief Counselors possess master’s degrees in counseling and are licensed in the State of Maryland.

Grief Support Groups – These groups encourage mutual support and understanding by providing an environment where participants can discuss topics related to grief, their feelings, and how they are coping. As it can be difficult to hear other people's stories when one is newly grieving, they encourage you to consider first participating in individual counseling and to wait a few months after your loss to participate in a support group. Most support groups meet for six sessions and are offered both during the day and evenings.

Workshops – These are educational in focus, providing information on a specific topic with an opportunity for questions.

For more information and contact information regarding the grief support services offered by Gilchrist Hospice Care, please call or visit:

(443) 849-8251

Gilchrist Support Services


Barbara Hunter, PhD, LCPC, NCC – Licensed Counselor 

5211 New Prospect Ct, Ellicott City, Maryland 21043

Barbara Hunter is a Clinical Pastoral Counselor with a PhD, CAS, and MS from Loyola University in Maryland. Having run her practice for over 20 years, she specializes in working with adults who are facing difficult life transitions, including the loss of a loved one. She also has unique expertise in the loss of a child. Her belief is that the most successful counseling sessions are determined by her relationship with the client, which is why she offers a free 20 minute phone consultation to help decide whether or not her practice is right for you. According to her website, and PsychologyToday, her fee is $110 per 50 minute session of individual or couples therapy, and sessions are usually scheduled on a weekly basis. She does not accept insurance, only private payment. However, she will provide a statement for clients to seek reimbursement from participating insurers. If you feel that you or a loved one could benefit from grief support from a licensed professional, we recommend Barbara Hunter as a quality option due to her extensive experience in working with loss and grief, and encourage you to give her a call or visit her website:     

(443) 569-8177 

Barbara Hunter Website

GoodTherapy.org - More Info  


Further Resources: For an extensive list of additional bereavement support resources located in Maryland, please visit: Maryland Bereavement Support 

If you have any comments regarding the recommendations listed on this page, or are familiar with another great hospice or bereavement support option not listed, please give us a call or email us.